In my previous article, we looked at the patient managementprocedures and forms that I evolved in my million-dollar cash nutrition practice in upstate New York. Today we’ll talk about practice management–the business side of getting things done.

It wasn’t profit that motivated you to go to school. It was the conviction that, given the correct technology, you could really help people recover from their ailments and live healthy, productive lives. It’s the same motivation that drives you to show up for work each day, show a cheerful face to each patient, and apply your clinical expertise with the patient’s ultimate success in mind.

In the healing professions, we measure success differently than salesmen or stockbrokers do.

It isn’t a numbers game.

Or is it?

How many people do you help each week? How many more could you help if the practice ran as an efficient team, with every administrative task handled as briskly and purposefully as you handle cases? What if you could multiply your effectiveness by adding associates–without adding headaches? Then the number of people you could be helping really starts to mount up.

Anyone with enough personal power, charisma, energy, and enthusiasm–in addition to clinical skill–will enjoy some success. But without smart application of organizational basics, burnout is just around the corner. I’ve learned this in working with hundreds of doctors who were great at managing cases but never learned to manage a staff. It certainly isn’t taught in professional school.

A group with an aligned purpose and good clinical results will still fail if they don’t know and apply a statistically proven, comprehensive system of practice management.

Why It Matters

Our help is not welcomed by the medical-pharmaceutical establishment. While new drugs are rushed to market to correct the problems caused by the old drugs and toxic diet, vitamins are increasingly regulated. It’s almost as if someone were profiting by keeping people sick!

An industry insider once calculated that every dollar spent by a patient with a nutrition practitioner diverts forty dollars from the drug companies. That’s why your profit is so important to me while we work, shoulder to shoulder, to make our healing practices the go-to answer for our communities. We need to reach the moms before the next generation is completely wrecked by the toxins prescribed to suppress the symptoms of malnutrition.

Building a Viable Turn-Key Nutrition Practice

In Nutrition Response Testing®, you have the tools to reverse the harmful effects of poor food and environmental challenges, and restore vibrant health. With the Patient Management tools in hand, you can get patients to comply and commit to a program. To expand your practice and generate referrals, you need a thorough understanding of Practice Management. When you combine our proven and tested systems, you have the most effective turn-key approach to a viable and expanding nutrition practice.

My practice success in upstate New York was only possible because I’d previously learned a turnkey management system that can make any type of business succeed, if learned well and applied by the book. Practitioners who have trained with us in these methods report even greater success.

Training Includes Implementation

We train and consult our clients. Each course is followed by implementation consulting to ensure that the information taught in the courseroom is translated into effective action, as measured by increased production and income statistics.

Within a few months, you may find that your practice actually seems too small for you, because you’re prepared for much bigger challenges. Many become teachers in addition to their clinical duties; some establish multiple practices; some do both. Here is a testimonial from one of our clinical masters on implementing the turn-key system described above.

“After enrolling on the key component modules of practice management and personal development and studying of these key principles, my Patient Visits statistics skyrocketed! I could not believe that the ‘mysterious’ information I had been looking for was actually so simple and is so effective when used! I now see over 120 patients in a four-day week with less stress than I ever thought possible.” — S.R., DC, Ann Arbor, MI

There’s one more leg to this journey, so be sure and stay tuned for the final installment: The “You” leg, or how the practice is a mirror image of the practitioner.

Yours in health,

Dr. Freddie Ulan


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